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Общенациональная библиотека образовательных материалов на русском языке

Английский язык. 7 класс. Книга для чтения - Кузовлев В.П.,Лапа Н.М.

Английский язык. 7 класс. Книга для чтения
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    23,3 Мб

Книга для чтения является составной частью
учебно-методического комплекта «Английский язык» для учащихся 7 класса
общеобразовательных организаций. В ней представлены материалы для чтения в
классе и самостоятельного чтения дома. Книга содержит короткие рассказы, отрывки
из произведений популярной детской литературы, письма, стихи, тексты, отвечающие
возрастным особенностям учащихся. Тексты сопровождаются разнообразными
упражнениями для развития умения читать.



Are you happy at school? 5
What are you good at? 12
Can people do without you? 19
Are you a friend of the planet? 28
Have you got any problems with your
friends? 35
What is best about your country? 44
Do you have an example to follow? 54
How do you spend your free time? 61
What are the most famous sights of
your country? 69
Linguistic and cultural guide 77
Vocabulary 84
List of names 107
List of reading skills 109

1. Here are some letters that children wrote about their impressions of summer
to children’s newspapers.
1) How did Richard, Anne, Daniel and Julia spend their holidays? Fill in the
table, (reading for specific information/making notes)
In summer I went on holiday to Wales. It was the best time I’ve ever had. Most
of my friends were boasting that they had been to other countries on holiday.
They told me that holidays in Wales might be really boring, so I wasn’t looking
forward to it at all. But they weren’t right. The weather was brilliant. I did a
lot of water sports and played football on the beach. You don’t need to go to
other countries to have a great time, after all! (Richard, 13)
I have just returned from a holiday to Chicago and it was great! I went to the
zoo at Lincoln Park, and saw a classical open
air concert. It was exciting to explore a new city. I will
remember my trip for a long time, but most of all I will miss the chocolate
biscuits that we had for breakfast every day! (Anne, 12)
Last year I went to Morocco in North Africa. I spent a lot of time on the beach,
went sunbathing and swimming. I visited the local market. It was interesting
because the culture is different. (Daniel, 14)

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